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Distance Calculus Courses You Wish To Enroll
If you are not sure which course (or courses) to apply for, it is better to ask for advice first from the Distance Calculus instructors, or ask your home college/university academic or transfer advisor first.
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DesignationCourse NameCredits/Tuition
Science Major Courses
MATH 136:  Precalculus 4 Credit Hours - $1732
MATH 213:  Calculus I 4 Credit Hours - $1732
MATH 214:  Calculus II 4 Credit Hours - $1732
MATH 315:  Probability Theory 3 Credit Hours - $1299
MATH 317:  Differential Equations 3 Credit Hours - $1299
MATH 331:  Linear Algebra 3 Credit Hours - $1299
MATH 351:  Multivariable Calculus 4 Credit Hours - $1732
Non-Science Major Courses
MATH 207:  Applied Calculus 3 Credit Hours - $1299
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