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Required Computer Equipment

You don't need a super-duper fancy computer to take a Distance Calculus course.

chalkboard computer icon The basic requirements are a relatively-new computer (purchased within the last 5-10 years), and a high-speed connection to the internet.

As part of the Distance Calculus courses, you will be instructed in how to use the software. The goal of the course is to LEARN CALCULUS, not to learn your computer (although you will get better at your computer in the process!)

chalkboard email icon The MINIMUM COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE required is the ability to send/receive email via the internet. If you can do that (and most everyone can!), then you are READY!

Specific Computer Requirements

  • Recent Operating System
    • Windows PCs: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
    • Macintosh PCs: OSX 10.4 - OSX 10.14 (Mojave)
      Note: LiveMath will not currently work on macOS 10.15 Catalina! So don't upgrade!!
      (We do have a solution for macOS Catalina, so ask us for help here!)
    • Linux PCs: Ubuntu (and only for the brave!)
  • Computer Equipment That DEFINITELY WILL NOT WORK
    • Chromebooks
      These aren't real computers, they are just Chrome browsers for the internet
    • Mac's running the latest macOS 10.15 Catalina: LiveMath will not currently work on macOS 10.15 Catalina! So don't upgrade!!
      (We do have a solution for macOS Catalina, so ask us for help here!)
    • Microsoft Surface
      These notebooks do not run the full WindowsOS, but rather a stripped down version that is mobile-based, and the softwares will not work on these.
  • Computer Algebra Software
    chalkboard graph icon Most Distance Calculus courses use the LiveMath™ software, which you may download and run the free 30-day demo to try it out! (For Mac, Windows, and Linux) [Note: some courses use the Mathematica™ software, which is a bit more "computer intensive" in terms of its minimum requirements.]

  • Web Browser: Firefox
    chalkboard web icon Distance Calculus courses rely upon the Firefox web browser. (If you are Windows user, and hooked on using IE/Edge, we will need to gently expand your horizons to Firefox.) [Mac users: Safari is acceptable, too]

  • iTunes
    As just about everyone has an iPod or iPhone these days, we rely upon iTunes for downloading and watching course lecture movies. [In case iTunes does not work for you, we offer other free alternatives: VLC media player and/or Miro podcast/media player, both for Mac, Windows, and Linux.]

  • PDF Software (Acrobat Reader or ...)
    Some files used in the Distance Calculus courses utilize the PDF format. Free software such as Adobe Acrobat Reader is sufficient to viewing the PDF files. [Note: Mac users have built-in PDF with the Preview application.]

  • Microphone & Speakers
    chalkboard video icon All Distance Calculus courses have a video creation component which will require the usage of a microphone to achieve the recording of the video solutions the student will make. If you do not have a microphone hooked up to your computer, you will need one. You can obtain USB microphones for about $5. You also need speakers with your computer to hear audio. Amazingly, some computers do not have audio speakers built-in, and you may need external speakers in this case.

  • Available Hard Drive Space
    Your computer hard drive should have at least 10 GB available on it - many of the Distance Calculus courses include lecture movies that take up some disc space on your hard drive.

  • High-Speed Internet
    chalkboard web icon Some students who utilize their employer's high speed internet while at work might have some difficulty, as some "restricted" networks often have difficult using [Note: If you are still on dial-up, you **might** be able to participate in the course, but ... upgrade to high speed if you can.]