Asynchronous + Flexible Enrollment = Work At Your Own Best Successful Pace
Graduate School Applicants: Finish Calculus Requirement BEFORE Your Application Deadline! :)
Fall + Spring + Summer 2023 Open Enrollment for Distance Calculus Courses - Get Started Today!

Calculus Academic Credits Fast!

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA offers the following accredited university-level mathematics courses online:

RWU Course Tuition: $1299 for 3 credit course; $1732 for 4 credit course. Enroll At Any Time.

Roger Williams University offers Active-Duty (and Honorably-Discharged) Military Students a tuition discount: $750/3cr course; $1000/4cr course.

Distance Calculus operates on Flexible Enrollment so you may start your course at any time, and finish your course as quickly as your skills allow.

Many of our students are seeking accredited academic Calculus course credits for applications to graduate schools, as well as supplementing their own regular academic coursework for a bachelor's degree.

Distance Calculus is purely asynchronous - no fixed meeting times, no required lecture attendence, no penalizing due dates, always self-paced but we can also push you towards a goal finish date if you ask ("Suggested Due Dates"). This course format is often perfect for working adults.

Distance Calculus is not a MOOC (Coursera, EdX, etc.). Distance Calculus courses grant real, transferable academic credits from Roger Williams University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Distance Calculus does NOT use a multiple-choice based "course system" like My****Lab® or other publisher's systems. We operate on intensive student-to-instructor communication, human homework grading, and using a real computer-algebra system for the majority of course work.

Distance Calculus courses do not have an on-campus residency requirement, so you may complete your courses entirely at your location. There are proctored, written examinations, that you must pass, but these occur at your location with a vetted proctor.

Course Introductory Videos

What is Distance Calculus?

Video Time: 2 minutes

Is Distance Calculus Right For You?

Video Time: 18 minutes

  • Enroll and Start The Course at any time! Complete in weeks or months, or up to 1 Year
  • Intensive Student and Instructor Communication
  • Modern Curriculum - NO MULTIPLE CHOICE
  • Course Completion Results in Academic Transcript from Accredited US University
  • 80% Computer Algebra System - 20% Hand Calculations - the right modern mix!
  • Mastery Learning Format means you will succeed
  • NO "COURSE SYSTEM" which is popular from the publishing companies currently
  • Video teaching lectures + flipped classroom for homework collaboration with Instructors
  • Proctored Final Exams at your location
  • FAST TRACK for those students under time deadlines

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