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edX Calculus versus Distance Calculus

edX is a consortium of various universities (Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, University of Texas, University of California, Berkeley, et al) where their various online course offerings are presented together in one central location for students to find courses to take online.

The Calculus I course from edX is actually the MITx Calculus I course, from MIT's very impressive OpenCourseWare project.

Can you get academic credits for this edX Calculus I (MITx in disguise) course? It costs $225.

This question is very very murky. There are various pages on edX site that suggests credit is available, and that you can "purchase academic credits" but it is not clear if you do this after you finish your course, or before, or .... To our knowledge, none of the courses in MIT's OpenCourseware project offer real academic credits.

Other pages on suggest the "certificate" awarding for $100 for completion of these courses.
compare edx to distance calculus
A "certificate" with the instructor's signature is certainly not the same as accredited, transferable academic credits!

As far as we can tell, you cannot earn real, transferable academic credits by taking an edX/MITx Calculus course.

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Distance Calculus - Student Reviews

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Date Posted: Jan 15, 2021
Review by: Rachel H.
Courses Completed: Probability Theory
Review: Dr. Curtis gave helpful and timely feedback, and made the teaching videos very engaging! The course model and associated software was easy to acclimate to.
Transferred Credits to: Cedarville University

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Date Posted: Aug 23, 2020
Review by: Sean Metzger
Student Email:
Courses Completed: Differential Equations
Review: A lifesaver. When I found out I needed a course done in the last weeks of summer I thought there was no way i'd find one available, but this let me complete the course as quickly as I needed to while still mastering the topics. Professor always got back to me very quickly and got my assignments back to me the next day or day of. Can't recommend this course enough for students in a hurry or who just want to learn at their own pace.
Transferred Credits to: Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Date Posted: Jan 19, 2020
Review by: Dan P.
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II
Review: I found the courses to be informative, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective in helping me learn the concepts of calculus. My math skills were always very weak, and I had a great deal of difficulty passing my undergrad math courses. The pace of a traditional classroom setting was just too quick for the concepts to really sink in. With Distance Calculus, I had courses that were taught with the full rigor of an on-campus class, but where I could take my time and really learn the material...all while having access to top-tier instructional help for real math professors and assistants. DC gave me the tools and the confidence I needed, so after successfully passing my DC courses, I moved on and completed a master's degree in CS.

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