When Can I Enroll in a Distance Calculus Course?


Distance Calculus operates on a revolving enrollment, unlike standard courses which operate on the traditional academic calendar.

You may enroll TODAY, and start your course today (or on the next business day). You have 1 year to complete your course from the date of enrollment.

We offer enrollment in our courses 365 days per year, so over Winter Break, Summer terms, Spring term, Fall term, Winter Intersession, any other time on the calendar you can label!

It is recommended that you not wait until December to enroll for "Winter" term - but rather you enroll now, complete the various administrative and computer set up tasks, and have your course ready to go for when you have time in your own academic schedule to engage the course.

Distance Calculus does not operate on the traditional academic calendar. Enrollment is revolving - which means you may enroll at any time, start your course immediately, and finish as quickly as your academic skills allow. When you enroll, you are placed into one of the traditional academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) as appropriate for the date of your enrollment, and then you have 1 year to finish your course from the date of enrollment.

When do the courses start? Now.
When do the summer courses start? Now.