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Costs & Tuition

There are three main costs for the Distance Calculus course:

  • Tuition & Fees - Roger Williams University
  • Computer Algebra Software
  • E-Textbook/Textbook/Videobook/Curriculum

Tuition & Fees

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University - University College - have a tuition fee of $433/credit hour.

Roger Williams University also assesses a Semester Enrollment Fee of $70 on each course, even if you enroll in multiple courses in a single semester.

If you pay your course tuition to Roger Williams University via credit card, there is an additional credit-card convenience fee assessed by the AFFORD Online Tuition Payment System that Roger Williams University uses. The convenience charge is 2.75%: an additional $37.09 for 3 credit courses; $49.00 for 4 credit courses.

You may avoid this additional credit card convenience fee by using an eCheck payment (to your checking or savings account, like using a debit card) using Afford. International students may use FlyWire to submit payments towards the USA (full instructions are sent at time of admission).

Software & Costs

Lower Courses
Calculus I
Calculus II
Multivariable Calculus
Applied Calculus
Course Software
LiveMath™ Maker
Purchase Options
1 Year Student License: $45
Special Time-Unlimited Student License: $70
(Purchase link sent to student upon enrollment)
Upper Courses
Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Probability Theory (Calculus-based)
Course Software
Mathematica™ for Students
Purchase Options
1 Year Student License: $70
Unlimited Student License: $139
(Proof of student status required by Wolfram;
provided to student upon enrollment in Distance Calculus program)



Each Distance Calculus course uses a specific "textbook" (the more appropriate term is "e-textbook" or "videotext", etc.). The costs for each textbook are listed below:

Course E-Text Cost
Precalculus The Primitives of Precalculus Videotext
by Robert Curtis
Applied Calculus BusinessCalculus&LiveMath e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Calculus I Calculus&LiveMath: Calculus I e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Calculus II Calculus&LiveMath: Calculus II e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Multivariable Calculus Calculus&LiveMath: Vector Calculus e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Differential Equations Calculus&Mathematica: Differential Equations e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Uhl
Linear Algebra Calculus&Mathematica: Matrices, Geometry, & Mathematica e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Uhl
Probability Theory
Prob/Stat&Mathematica e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Raschke/Uhl


Computing Your Course Cost

As you can see from the tables above, there are a few choices for you to make when deciding upon a course. Specifically, the type of time-based software license to obtain for either LiveMath™ or Mathematica™. If you are planning to take more than one course from Distance Calculus, or you just don't want your software to expire, then we recommend the "Time-Unlimited" versions of the software. If you are sure you will only take one course from Distance Calculus, then you may opt for the less expensive time-limited software license.

Below are some sample course cost computations.


Example Cost for Precalculus Course

If, for example, you were to enroll in the Distance Precalculus course, the total costs would be:
4-credit hour
Course Tuition
Roger Williams University
Semester Enrollment Fee
Roger Williams University
LiveMath™ Software
Special Distance Calculus Student Time-Unlimited License
The Primitives of Precalculus Videotext $45
TOTAL COST $1732 + $70 + $70 + $45 =


Example Cost for Differential Equations Course

If, for example, you were to enroll in the Differential Equations course, the total costs would be:

3-credit hour
Course Tuition
Roger Williams University
Semester Enrollment Fee $70
Mathematica™ for Students Software
Time-Unlimited Student License
Calculus&Mathematica: Differential Equations e-Text $45
TOTAL COST $1299 + $70 + $139 + $45 =