Costs & Tuition

There are three main costs for the Distance Calculus course:

Tuition & Fees

Information on Course Tuition to be posted soon.

Software & Costs

Lower Courses
Calculus I
Calculus II
Multivariable Calculus
Applied Calculus
Course Software
LiveMath™ Maker
Purchase Options
1 Year Student License: $45
Special Time-Unlimited Student License: $70
(Purchase link sent to student upon enrollment)
Upper Courses
Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Probability Theory (Calculus-based)
Course Software
Mathematica™ for Students
Purchase Options
1 Year Student License: $70
Unlimited Student License: $139
(Proof of student status required by Wolfram;
provided to student upon enrollment in Distance Calculus program)


Each Distance Calculus course uses a specific "textbook" (the more appropriate term is "e-textbook" or "videotext", etc.). The costs for each textbook are listed below:

Course E-Text Cost
Precalculus The Primitives of Precalculus Videotext
by Robert Curtis
Applied Calculus BusinessCalculus&LiveMath e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Calculus I Calculus&LiveMath: Calculus I e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Calculus II Calculus&LiveMath: Calculus II e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Multivariable Calculus Calculus&LiveMath: Vector Calculus e-Text
by Davis/Porta/Uhl
Differential Equations Calculus&Mathematica: Differential Equations e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Uhl
Linear Algebra Calculus&Mathematica: Matrices, Geometry, & Mathematica e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Uhl
Probability Theory
Prob/Stat&Mathematica e-Text
by Carpenter/Davis/Raschke/Uhl

Computing Your Course Cost

Information on Computing Your Course Cost to be posted soon.