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MyMathLab® vs Distance Calculus Comparison

Many online (and classroom-based) Calculus-level courses are driven by the MyMathLab® system from Pearson Education.

Many thousands of students use the MyMathLab® system for the Calculus courses. MyMathLab® is a website-based system for doing homework problems associated to traditional Calculus textbooks published by Pearson. For many students, MyMathLab is ubitious with doing Calculus homework in their calculus courses. MyMathLab® offers instructional videos, and multiple choice problem sets where you do your Calculus problems by hand and then choose multiple choice answers from a selection of correct and incorrect answer choices.

Perhaps you have taken a class using MyMathLab®. Perhaps you enjoyed it and benefited from their system, which for many students helps them progress through their Calculus courses more successfully than just doing homework on paper with pencil and handing these homework sets into their instructors.

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University does not use MyMathLab® - we do not believe in multiple choice based homework problem sets. Such multiple choice systems are good as a test-taking tool, but they are lacking for a true educational experience of doing mathematics with live human instructors.

If you have found success with multiple choice systems, there are plenty of options to choose from around the internet for completing such a course.

However, if you find multiple choice systems unappealing, we invite you to investigate the course structure and materials of Distance Calculus.

Comparison of MyMathLab® vs Distance Calculus

Topic MyMathLab® Distance Calculus
Multiple Choice Yes No
Use of Computer Algebra System No Yes, Extensive
Tied to Traditional Textbook Yes No, Reform e-Curriculum
Recursive Grading Sort of Yes
Comprehensive Course System Mostly just homework Yes
Drill & Practice Yes No

Here are a few videos about Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University:

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Distance Calculus - Student Reviews

rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon
Date Posted: Feb 23, 2020
Review by: Carl Conners
Courses Completed: Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra
Review: After a really rough first year of calculus, I completed all of the second year calculus courses with Distance Calculus. It was like night and day the difference. My first year was so boring and monotonous. Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra through Distance Calculus were just so much different - so not boring at all. I thoroughly enjoyed these courses. So engaging.
Transferred Credits to: Michigan State University

rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon
Date Posted: Dec 20, 2019
Review by: Bill K.
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra
Review: I took the whole calculus series and Linear Algebra via Distance Calculus. Dr. Curtis spent countless hours messaging back and forth with me, answering every question, no matter how trivial they might seem. Dr. Curtis is extremely responsive, especially if the student is curious and is willing to work hard. I don't think I ever waited much more than a day for Dr. Curtis to get a notebook back to me. Dr. Curtis would also make videos of concepts if I was really lost. The course materials are fantastic. If you are a student sitting on the fence, trying to decide between a normal classroom class or Distance Calculus classes with Livemath and Mathematica, my choice would be the Distance Calculus classes every time. The Distance Calculus classes are more engaging. The visual aspects of the class notebooks are awesome. You get the hand calculation skills you need. The best summary I can give is to say, given the opportunity, I would put my own son's math education in Dr. Curtis's hands.
Transferred Credits to: None

rating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star iconrating star icon
Date Posted: Jan 19, 2020
Review by: Dan P.
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II
Review: I found the courses to be informative, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective in helping me learn the concepts of calculus. My math skills were always very weak, and I had a great deal of difficulty passing my undergrad math courses. The pace of a traditional classroom setting was just too quick for the concepts to really sink in. With Distance Calculus, I had courses that were taught with the full rigor of an on-campus class, but where I could take my time and really learn the material...all while having access to top-tier instructional help for real math professors and assistants. DC gave me the tools and the confidence I needed, so after successfully passing my DC courses, I moved on and completed a master's degree in CS.

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