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Preparing for Data Science

Data Science is a very hot area of employment right now. Being a Data Scientist basically means you are a programmer and a statistician/mathematician, and you can apply the knowledge of both worlds to tasks involving large amounts of data.

In order to start on a career path towards Data Science, you need all of the courses in the first two years of university calculus.

Yeah, you need all of them! Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Probability Theory (Calculus-Based Statistics). There are no short-cuts available if you really want to be a data scientist. You need to be both a serious mathematician and a master programmer.

There are many websites around that suggest you can get all of this mathematics knowledge just from the free MOOC courses available around the internet. This recommendation seems unrealistic - there are also lots of mathematics books available at the library and at used book stores, but trying to make your way through those math books by yourself .... that is a tall order.

Plus, if you do take the MOOC route and then you wish to actually complete a Data Science certificate or academic degree, proving that you have the requisite mathematics knowledge is ... not as convincing as having these academic courses completed and showing on a university transcript!

Here is a video on Data Science and our Distance Calculus courses course:

Preparing for Data Science with Distance Calculus

MOOCs, Academic Credits, and Distance Calculus

Distance Calculus - Student Reviews

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Date Posted: Jan 12, 2020
Review by: Mark Neiberg
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus
Review: Curriculum was high quality and allowed student to experiment with concepts which resulted in an enjoyable experience. Assignment Feedback was timely and meaningful.

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Date Posted: Dec 9, 2019
Review by: Louisa A.
Courses Completed: Calculus I
Review: My microeconomics class required college-level calculus as a prerequisite, and I didn't want to wait until next year to take the class. So, I took DC's Calculus I class over the summer, so I could register for econ when I got back to school this fall. I actually think I got more help taking the class online than I would have in the huge lecture classes here. Prof. Curtis was really clear in explaining concepts and talking me through the topics that I was having trouble with. It took me about 10 weeks to finish the class, which didn't seem too long and didn't feel rushed. My friends who are in calculus now, trying to finish the prereq, are pretty jealous!

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Date Posted: Jan 19, 2020
Review by: Dan P.
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II
Review: I found the courses to be informative, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective in helping me learn the concepts of calculus. My math skills were always very weak, and I had a great deal of difficulty passing my undergrad math courses. The pace of a traditional classroom setting was just too quick for the concepts to really sink in. With Distance Calculus, I had courses that were taught with the full rigor of an on-campus class, but where I could take my time and really learn the material...all while having access to top-tier instructional help for real math professors and assistants. DC gave me the tools and the confidence I needed, so after successfully passing my DC courses, I moved on and completed a master's degree in CS.

Distance Calculus - Curriculum Exploration

Polynomial Functions