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Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA offers the following accredited university-level mathematics courses online:

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Distance Calculus does not operate on the traditional academic calendar. Enrollment is revolving - which means you may enroll at any time, start your course immediately, and finish as quickly as your academic skills allow. When you enroll, you are placed into one of the traditional academic terms (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer) as appropriate for the date of your enrollment, and then you have 1 year to finish your course from the date of enrollment.

When do the courses start? Now.
When do the summer courses start? Now.

Absolutely not!

If you like multiple choice-type courses, this is not the course for you!

The majority of the work for all courses occur inside of a computer algebra graphing system (either LiveMath or Mathematica), with your coursework answers being a combination of calculations, graphs, derivations, computations, and ... MOST IMPORTANTLY ... WORDS! You will be free-writing many many answers, not just doing mindless algebraic computations.

This is a surprisingly common question.

Definite Answer: YES

All Distance Calculus courses are comprehensively computer based!

If you are seeking a traditional textbook-type course where you write out all of your answers to math calculations that you complete by hand, this is NOT the course for you! There are some hand-written assignments, but the overwhelming majority of the course is software-based.

How The Distance Calculus Courses Work

Definitive answer: NO.

For a multitude of reasons. First, Distance Calculus students are not degree-seeking at Roger Williams University. Second, Distance Calculus students are not full-time students at Roger Williams University. Financial Aid Office services at nearly all colleges/universities are reserved for full-time, degree-seeking students.

Direction of Guaranteed Student Loans are also not allowed for Distance Calculus courses.

GI-Bill and other military benefits are also not applicable to Distance Calculus, although Roger Williams University does offer Military Student Discounts.


In many ways, YES. You must be up for the challenge.

If you are looking for an easier Calculus course, perhaps a multiple choice course, then keep looking -- this is not the course for you!

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It depends entirely on how much time you want to put into your course.
Applied Calculus is often finished in 3 week by very strong students.
Calculus I can be finished in 4 weeks on full-throttle engagement.
Calculus II, Multivariable Calculus can be finished in 6 weeks with strong time commitment.
You can take up to 1 year to finish your course, if you wish to go slower.

If you are looking for an easier Calculus course, perhaps a multiple choice course, then keep looking -- this is not the course for you!

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No, we do not offer our courses for non-credit any longer. MOOCs have the non-credit-courses for free very well covered.

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You don't need a brand new computer at all. Most courses use software that will run on almost all computers going back 10+ years.

Note: Chromebooks will not work for any Distance Calculus course.

Freshman-level courses use the LiveMath software, which is not yet updated for the newer Mac M1/M2 computers.

We have work-around solutions until a LiveMath update is available.

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Many Graduate-School-Bound students discover that they need to complete more Freshman or Sophomore-level Calculus math courses prior to starting their new degree program. Many of these students find out about this additional requirement at the last minute.

We take great pride in assisting our military students with their educational goals and training, deployed, at sea, or stationed at home.

Roger Williams University does offer Military Student Discounts.

Many Distance Calculus students begin their course work after a long break from academics. Many of our courses have a beginning Review Module from the prerequisite course.

If your prerequisite knowledge is strong and fresh, you will be able progress rapidly through this Review. If your prerequisite skills are weaker, you will have time and flexibility to strengthen those skills prior to starting the main course work.

Yes, of course.

Distance Calculus courses are offered on revolving enrollment, so you may complete the Enrollment Application AT ANY TIME and usually get started in the course the same day (subject to verification of prerequisite satisfaction, etc.)

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This is the most common question we hear from prospective students. The answer is usually “Yes”, but dependent upon your academic and mathematical skills. If your math skills are strong and your time commitment sufficient and consistent, you will most likely be able to meet your goal.

To be on the Fast Track to course completion, the student must :

  • Obtain Instructor Permission
  • Submit the Highest Quality Course Work
  • Demonstrate Self-Mastery of the Course Concepts
  • Effectively Communicate With The Teaching Staff

Information About Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University
University College • Course Tuition

$433/credit hour

3 credit course: $1299
4 credit course: $1732
5 credit course: $2165
+ $70 Course Semester Fee
+ Software/E-Textbook Purchases ($115 ~ $203)

Enroll At Any Time - Start Immediately - Complete Your Course in 1 Year From Date of Enrollment.

Roger Williams University offers Active-Duty (and Honorably-Discharged) Military Students a special tuition discount rate: $750/3cr course; $1000/4cr course; $1250/5cr course.

Distance Calculus operates on revolving Flexible Enrollment so you may start your course at any time, and finish your course as quickly as your skills allow.

Many of our students are seeking accredited academic Calculus course credits for applications to graduate schools, as well as supplementing their own regular academic coursework for a bachelor's degree, and often include advanced high school students who have completed their AP Calculus coursework, who seek higher courses their high schools do not offer.

Distance Calculus is purely asynchronous &ndash no fixed meeting times, no required lecture attendence, no penalizing due dates, always self-paced, but we can also push you towards a goal finish date if you ask ("Suggested Due Dates"). This course format is often perfect for working adults.

Distance Calculus is not a MOOC (Coursera, EdX, etc.). Distance Calculus courses grant real, transferable academic credits from Roger Williams University in Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

  • Enroll and Start The Course at any time! Complete in weeks or months, or up to 1 Year
  • Intensive Student and Instructor Communication
  • Modern Curriculum - NO MULTIPLE CHOICE
  • Course Completion Results in Academic Transcript from Accredited USA University
  • 85% Computer Algebra System - 15% Hand Calculations - the right modern mix!
  • Mastery Learning format means you will succeed
  • NO "COURSE SYSTEM" which is popular from the publishing companies currently
  • Video teaching lectures + flipped classroom for homework collaboration with Instructors
  • Proctored Final Exams at your location
  • FAST TRACK for those students under time deadlines
    (who maintain highest academic quality submissions)

Distance Calculus does NOT use a multiple-choice based "course system" like My****Lab® or other publishers' systems. We operate on intensive student-to-instructor communication, human homework grading, and using a real computer-algebra system for the majority of course work.

Distance Calculus courses do require any on-campus residency, so you may complete your courses entirely at your location. There are proctored, written examinations, that you must pass to earn a passing grade in the course, which proctored final exam will occur at your location, either via video or with a vetted proctor.

HONORS New Course Sequence

In Summer 2023, Distance Calculus introduced the HONORS sequence of courses geared towards those students who wish to go to that next level of academic engagement in their calculus sequence courses. Unlike traditional Honors Calculus courses, these Honors courses are not "more rigorous" in the sense of an axiomatic development of lower Calculus, but they definitely are even more challenging than their main sequence sibling courses, with more breadth of topics, and a new, exciting writing curriculum culminating in a 10-20 page course term paper.

HONORS for Data Science New Course Sequence

In Summer 2023, Distance Calculus introduced a truly unique, condensed, combined freshman calculus HONORS for Data Science sequence of specifically designed for students preparing for degrees in Data Science and related fields. Accelerated and refined curriculum, with emphasis on data connections to the lower calculus sequences, using the higher computer programming environment Mathematica.
  • Math 255: Honors Calculus I+II For Data Science
    Combined Calculus I+II course to bridge all of freshman calculus in a condensed, honors course
  • Math 337: Honors Linear Algebra for Data Science
    Computationally-based Linear Algebra course from matrix theory to Principal Component Data Analysis, Data Compression, and the Spectral Theorem
  • Math 311: Computational Probability Theory
    Calculus-based statistics and probability theory from a distinctly computational approach