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LiveMath™ Software

livemath logo For all Year 1 Calculus courses, we use the graphically-based LiveMathâ„¢ Maker computer algebra and graphing system.


Complete Algebraic Operations via "Drag and Drop" Tactile Actions!

livemath animation
Feel the math. Pick up math expressions, drag them to other objects, the drop - contextual math operations do the rest! A GREAT teaching tool!

Graphing Power with Speed and Ease of Use

livemath animation
Make and customize and add to 2D and 3D graphs, without knowing "the syntax" to do what you want, when you want. Pick up graphs: move them, spin them, zoom-in, zoom-out.

Screen Shots

What does LiveMath Maker look like when you drive it?
Here are some example screenshots -- click on an image to see it full size.
livemath graphing points image
Graphing Points in 2D
livemath graphical image
Converting Rectangular Coordinates to Cylindrical Coordinates
livemath derivative image
Finding an Algebraic Derivative
livemath critical point image
Finding Critical Points

Mathematica™ Software

For Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and Probability Theory courses, we use the programming-language-based Mathematica™ computer algebra and graphing system by Wolfram Research

Mathematica is a very powerful computer algebra engine, used by professional engineers and mathematicians to work on research-level mathematical computations.

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