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How To Start Your Course

If you are new to Distance Calculus, here is a checklist for starting a Distance Calculus course.
  • Step 1: Course Enrollment
    Depending upon your current student status, you will identify yourself as either:
    • New Student to Distance Calculus
      If you are planning to take just one or a few courses from Distance Calculus , then you will start by filling out the Enrollment Application for Distance Calculus. This on-line application will start the process of getting you admitted as a special Non-Degree Seeking Student, and will work through the process (securely) of admissions, enrollment, tuition payment, and transcript/document checking - all electronically.

  • Step 2: Connect With The Instructors
    In all cases, the Instructors for Distance Calculus will initiate communications with you via email. As we all know, email is not as reliable as it once was due to spam filters and such. If you do not receive an email from the instructors very soon after your enrollment, please write to the instructors directly:

    Robert Curtis:

    If you do not receive an email response within 24 hours (or on Monday if a weekend), then please call the Distance Calculus office directly so we may take extra steps to "unclog" the email connection between you and the instructors:

    Distance Calculus Office

    Once you make a connection with the Instructors for Distance Calculus via email, further "Getting Started" steps will be sent to you via email, and the course will begin!