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Non-Credit Courses

Once upon a time, Distance Calculus offered its courses in both "for credit" and "non-credit" formats.

Distance Calculus no longer offers any of its courses for non-credit. Now that we are in 2022, there are so many non-credit Calculus courses running around the internet, from Khan Academy, Coursera, MITx, edX, and dozens of others. With so many of these excellent non-credit courses available, there is no longer a need to offer our Distance Calculus courses for non-credit.

Please see the MOOCs - Massive Open Online Course page for more information on great free courses available to you.

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University is about earning real college academic (transferrable) credits, which MOOCs do not offer.

Below is a video presentation about earning real college credits vs non-credit MOOC courses.