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Video: High School Math Course Plan with Distance Calculus Senior Year

Are you in high school and planning to take one of your high school's AP Calculus courses?

This is a common plan for university-bound high school students. Whether mathematics is your strongest subject, or perhaps not your favorite subject, getting ahead in the calculus sequence is a wise plan. When you start your university career as a freshman, having a nice set of courses already completed on Day One allows you to take higher courses in other subjects that have Calculus I and/or Calculus II as prerequisites.

Below are some video presentations on how Distance Calculus courses might fit into your high school calculus plan.

A discussion about how Distance Calculus courses may fit into a motivated high school mathematics course plan, with the advanced high school student take Distance Calculus courses during his/her senior year - Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, and/or Probability Theory (Calculus-Based Statistics), to build an impressive academic record for transfer to the student's Bachelor's Degree college or university.

A discussion about what you might think about doing if you do not pass - or do not wish to take - the AP Calculus exam

A discussion about some options after you complete the AP Calculus exam (either AB or BC):