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Graduate School Applicants: Finish Calculus Requirement BEFORE Your Application Deadline! :)
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Distance Calculus & MBA + EMBA Application Satisfaction

Many students who are looking to apply to an MBA or Executive MBA program may find they are required to have the following courses completed before submitting their applications:

  • Calculus: "a single introductory course on differential and integral Calculus"
  • Statistics: "a single introductory course on non-calculus-based statistics and probability"

The following Distance Calculus courses have wide acceptance for these two requirement courses:

One of the strengths of the Distance Calculus program in supporting students applying for an MBA or EMBA program is our flexible enrollment (enroll at at anytime, and start your course immediately, without having to wait for the traditional semester start dates) and our finish as quickly as your skills allow, which translates into finishing your course within challenging timeframes.

Many MBA and EMBA students have been able to finish their Math 207 - Applied Calculus course within 3 weeks - with a considerable time effort!

Other programs around the internet have "minimum time requirements" that restrict students from finishing quickly - some of these minimum time requirements can be up to 3 months!

Distance Calculus is all about supporting students' success in their academic goals, and we are very happy to facilitate you getting these courses finished before your application deadlines !

If you have any questions about your particular enrollment one or both of these courses, please write out to us at: info@distancecalculus.com or use the chat links below.

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