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Academic Calculus Credits & MOOCs

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) for Calculus are awesome.

But beware: if you try to tell a graduate school or your home baccelaureate institution that you completed Multivariable Calculus via a MOOC and you want credit for that work, you will probably be disappointed with their answer.

To show academic achievement, the real Official Academic Transcript from an accredited university is what you need to show a potential graduate school or baccelaureate institution that you have actually completed a university-level calculus course.

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University can help you get onto the "academic credit train" from a spot that makes sense from your academic background. If you have completed some MOOC courses, we will examine your academic record, and try to make the best recommendation for an accurate placement into one of our courses, so then start to earn academic credits on transferrable academic transcripts, rather than just saying you went through a MOOC course.

For more information, see this page: Distance Calculus & MOOCs

You may also see this page for other for-credit programs: Credit Earning Online Calculus Programs

Here is a video on this topic:

Distance Calculus - Student Reviews

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Date Posted: Jan 12, 2020
Review by: Brian Finley
Courses Completed: Calculus II
Review: I took Calculus II through Distance Calculus and can't recommend it enough. Being able to take the course at my own pace while I was working full time was tremendously helpful, especially since I hadn't taken a math course for 5 years prior. The instruction was excellent and the software they used to teach the course was intuitive and facilitated the learning process very well. This calc II class enabled me to take multivariable calc, linear algebra, and real analysis at Harvard University's extension school, which ultimately qualified me for the economics PhD program that I will graduate from next year. 8 years on, I'm still grateful to Professor Curtis and Distance Calculus.

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Date Posted: Feb 23, 2020
Review by: Carl Conners
Courses Completed: Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra
Review: After a really rough first year of calculus, I completed all of the second year calculus courses with Distance Calculus. It was like night and day the difference. My first year was so boring and monotonous. Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra through Distance Calculus were just so much different - so not boring at all. I thoroughly enjoyed these courses. So engaging.
Transferred Credits to: Michigan State University

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Date Posted: Apr 13, 2020
Review by: Jorgen M.
Courses Completed: Calculus I
Review: I really enjoyed this course, much more than I thought I would. I needed to finish this course very fast before starting my graduate degree program @ Kellogg. I was able to finish in 3 weeks. I liked the video lectures and the homework process. I highly recommend this course.
Transferred Credits to: Kellogg School of Business, Northwestern Univ

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