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Calculus 1 Online Course Academic Credit

In searching for a real Calculus I online course for academic credit, you will certainly find lots of different websites running around the internet offering "Calculus Online" or "Calculus Course".

Wonderful (and free) sites like Coursera, Udemy, MITx, Khan Academy, and edX do not offer real, transferable academic credits. Many claim to offer "ACE Exam Credit" but that is an exam-based (partial) credit system that is not universally accepted by all colleges and universities - some might, most won't.

There are a handful of colleges and universities that do offer Calculus for credit online. But when you did deeper into these courses, you will discover:
  • Courses have a strict deadline structure
  • Courses utilize "Course System", via a textbook publisher, where the system is just a multiple-choice quizzing system.
  • Courses only start in the beginning of Fall, beginning of Spring, and beginning of Summer semesters.
In looking for a Calculus course for credit, we recommend you conduct due dilligence, investigate the course offerings, and read the various program reviews. Distance Calculus will be on your short list to consider which Calculus course you wish to enroll in online!

Here is a video about earning real academic credits from Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University:

Earning Real Academic Credits for Calculus

Calculus 1 vs Calculus I

Distance Calculus - Student Reviews

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Date Posted: Jan 19, 2020
Review by: Dan P.
Courses Completed: Calculus I, Calculus II
Review: I found the courses to be informative, enjoyable, and most importantly, effective in helping me learn the concepts of calculus. My math skills were always very weak, and I had a great deal of difficulty passing my undergrad math courses. The pace of a traditional classroom setting was just too quick for the concepts to really sink in. With Distance Calculus, I had courses that were taught with the full rigor of an on-campus class, but where I could take my time and really learn the material...all while having access to top-tier instructional help for real math professors and assistants. DC gave me the tools and the confidence I needed, so after successfully passing my DC courses, I moved on and completed a master's degree in CS.

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Date Posted: Feb 28, 2020
Review by: Teddy M.
Courses Completed: Precalculus, Calculus I
Review: Pros: once you get going, you can go really fast. The visual textbook is pretty cool. The instructors were very responsive. Cons: the movies are great, but the software crashes more than it should. Sometimes it is just a hassle doing things in the software instead of on paper, but once I got used to the software, it was ok.
Transferred Credits to: Texas Christian University

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Date Posted: May 3, 2020
Review by: Andris H.
Courses Completed: Applied Calculus
Review: I found out from my MBA program that I needed to finish calculus before starting the MBA. They told me 3 weeks before term started! I was able to finish Applied Calculus from Distance Calculus. Definitely a great class. Thanks Distance Calculus!
Transferred Credits to: SUNY Stony Brook