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Linear Algebra Online

Linear Algebra is one of the final courses in the undergraduate calculus sequence.

While is it technically part of the Calculus sequence, it is actually a distinct subject that has almost nothing to do with the topics of calculus!

Linear Algebra is one of the most important courses to complete for a variety of applications, including computer science, data science, economics, and financial mathematics.

Our Linear Algebra course - Math 331 - Linear Algebra - 3 credits - has a wonderful curriculum that bypasses much of the textbooky-type of boredom and confusion found in traditional textbook linear algebra courses.

The Linear Algebra Matrix Algebra course is a truly wonderful course - the curriculus is "Matrices, Geometry, and Mathematica" by Davis/Porta/Uhl. It has been described as "not your parents' linear algebra course". The text is now celebrating its 40th year, and still remains one of the most progressive and ground-breaking curricula for Linear Algebra that exists today.

The video below will explain more about the Linear Algebra course via Distance Calculus.

Linear Algebra Course Preview