For many students who have had their academic plans disrupted due to the COVID-19 emergency, Distance Calculus may be the right program for you to keep your academic goals on track. During this COVID-19 emergency, Distance Calculus remains in full operation. You may enroll and start immediately with any course. Contact us to discuss how we can help. (Updated April 2020)

Linear Algebra Online

Linear Algebra is one of the final courses in the undergraduate calculus sequence.

While is it technically part of the Calculus sequence, it is actually a distinct subject that has almost nothing to do with the topics of calculus!

Linear Algebra is one of the most important courses to complete for a variety of applications, including computer science, data science, economics, and financial mathematics.

Our Linear Algebra course has a wonderful curriculum that bypasses much of the textbooky-type of boredom and confusion found in traditional textbook linear algebra courses.

The video below will explain more about the Linear Algebra course via Distance Calculus.

Linear Algebra Course Preview