Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University is in full operation during COVID-19 Emergency
Winter Break 2020: Distance Calculus in FULL OPERATION for Winter Break Students!
Winter Break 2020: Finish Your Calculus Course Before Spring 2021!

Enroll Now, Start Today - Calculus Academic Credits

Why wait for the "next academic semester"? The Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University courses offer fast enrollment, fast completion - because time is critical in finishing calculus courses needed for academic prerequisites and graduate school applications.

Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University is designed to support students who need to enroll in their Calculus-level courses quickly, and who also need to finish their courses as quickly as their academic skills allow.

Distance Calculus does not use a "canned system" as commonly found at some colleges/universities, which use a publisher-hosted "multiple-choice" system for "learning". For those students who do not like endless multiple choice assignments and quizzes, Distance Calculus may be for you.

Here is a video about earning real academic credits from Distance Calculus @ Roger Williams University: